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Mothers & More Non-Profit In Southern Saratoga County

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Mothers & More of Southern Saratoga is a local chapter of a national non-profit organization celebrating motherhood and the incredible women who struggle, triumph, pursue, and succeed with it. Composed of area mothers, they provide education, support, and advocacy for mothers of all circumstances in the region. The group meets every second Monday of the month at 7:45pm. Once a month, the girls treat themselves to a Ladies Night Out, where the group takes a break for coffee, desserts, or drinks, to celebrate themselves (and replenish their energy!) The group also plans regular play groups, outings and family events, helping both the young children and the mothers make new friends.

Last spring, Mothers & More was in the news for their first-ever "Power of a Purse" event. Held in four states simultaneously for Mother's Day, the event gave mothers who were living in YWCA's and other shelters a day of pampering, with hair and makeup makeovers, crafts for the kids to give to their mothers, a free catered lunch, and musical entertainment. The highlight of the afternoon, however, was the giveaway of several hundred purses. The handbags were meant to symbolize financial independence and a sense of individual identity, feelings that many of the women in the shelters, living there as a result of anything from incarceration, loss of their home, addiction, or heavy financial problems, may have lost. However, with the gracious gift of a handbag - made all the more special because of the hundreds of donated handbags, with many big-name brands such as Kate Spade, Prada and Coach - Mothers & More believes these women were empowered.

Chapters throughout the organization have caught on to the excitement of "Power of a Purse", which is slated to become a national Mother's Day campaign in 2010.

This fall, Mothers & More is excited to welcome Los Angeles author, Krisitin Maschaka to Clifton Park to discuss her soon-to-be best seller book, "This Is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today." Kristin will be available to sign copies, and share a margarita with Capital Region Mothers in November.

To learn more, join, or donate to Mothers & More, visit or call 518-383-0033.