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Plant A Tree For A Newborn In Clifton Park

Come plant a tree for your newborn baby to kick off Arbor Day! If you are resident of Clifton Park NY and you have had a baby born between Arbor Day 2009 and Arbor Day 2010 then you quality for a free tree seedling!

Plant A Tree

"Plant A Tree For The Newborn" program is an annual event in the town of Clifton Park. In order to receive the free seedling tree you also have to register your newborn with the town at the Office of Parks, Recreation and Community Affairs in the Town Hall.

The parents of the baby can come and plant the seedling tree on the Clifton Park Town Hall property the week after Arbor Day 2010, May 3-7th.

The tree is considered a "birth tree" for the child, and the town hopes the tree will grow up with the child and hope it adds to the child's appreciation of nature and the conservation of wildlife.

For more information please call 518-371-6667