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New Park Pays Tribute to One of Town's Founding Fathers

Clifton Park's most recently developed park was named Garnsey Park, after one of the town's founding fathers, Nathan Garnsey. The beautiful park is located in Rexford along Route 146 between Waite Road and Wing Road, and covers an area of 151 varied acres consisting of open fields, wetland and wooded hillsides.

Nathan Garnsey, who served as the town supervisor in Clifton Park in 1829, is known as one of the town's founding fathers. The Garnsey family, whose residence in Clifton Park dates back to 1783, began when Nathan Garnsey's father, David Garnsey, purchased the plot of land for farming. The land was used as a farm and owned by the family for 100 years.

The town of Clifton Park obtained the land in two sections in 2005 and 2007. The Route 146 Park Advisory Committee recommended the name of the park and has been working in conjunction with the citizens of the town on the design of the park. Town Supervisors are in favor of keeping Garnsey Park consistent with the farming heritage that the family brought to the town. Two town meetings have been held to hear the public's opinion on what they would like seen done with the park. Based on the input of residents, plans to develop a passive recreation facility with the rural character of Rexford are impending. As for now, Garnsey Park will be a natural habitat for the public to enjoy.

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