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Spare Time in Clifton Park To Add Laser Tag, Arcade

Spare Time in Clifton Park has a major renovation in store for us! This local bowling alley has plans to add a laser tag arena and arcade. This would mean replacing 8 of the currently 36 bowling lanes to make room for the new features.

bowling spare time

Owned by Bowl New England, Inc., Spare Time will soon more closely resemble some of their parent company's other bowling centers across the country, which already offer laser tag and arcade games in addition to bowling lanes and the City Sports Grille.

The renovations will begin June 1st, so it won't be long before our local bowling alley also offers laser tag and arcade games.

With these additions, I think Spare Time will appeal to a wider range of kids and adults, not to mention becoming a more appealing option for birthday parties!

We were at Spare Time in Clifton Park recently with our 3-year-old daughter. It was her first time bowling, and she loved it. She also gave her dad a run for his money with her beginner's luck. It was a great time out as a family, and the staff was very friendly.

We were the only ones there on a quiet Wednesday morning after her ballet class, and I asked if they could turn the midnight lights on for us. I could tell that was a request they wouldn't ordinarily grant, but it must have been my daughter's adorable little face they just couldn't say no to (I often have the same problem). Once the lights were on, all my daughter wanted to do was dance!

bowling lights dancing
Now as my daughter grows, she will be able to enjoy even more entertainment at Spare Time in Clifton Park. I can see her and our son having a blast playing laser tag, racing against each other in the arcade and still giving my husband a run for his money on the lanes. I think these renovations are a great move for this local bowling alley, and I hope it boosts business for Spare Time on the hours they aren't packed.

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